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You can easily make 2 quarts of fresh soymilk in 23 minutes with the Soy Wonder soymilk machine. This is especially suitable for people that are health conscious or lactose intolerant.
Soy Wonder milk offers an intense flavor that is lost in shelved packages, while still retaining its full nutritional value, which is questionable in heavily processed soymilk.
To make 2 quarts you will only need 150 grams (1 cup) of dry soybeans; therefore two quarts of soymilk will cost US$0.50. This is an amazing savings compared to the packaged milk that you buy at the store. The Soy Wonder machines ease of use is what makes it such an amazing appliance. Combine soaked soybeans and water into the machine and 23 minutes later your fresh, creamy soymilk is ready!
Want to make more than 2 liters at a time? It's no problem with the new Soy Wonder soymilk machine, it can be run continuously without the hassle of having to let it cool down!

With the Soy Wonder Machine, not only can you make soymilk, but also use it to make great tasting fresh rice / almond / oat milk, even tofu or okara (soybean pulp) dishes. Please see the Soy Recipes page.
      Soybeans are full of valuable nutrients! Medical studies have proven that the components of the soybean are highly valuable in the fight against cancer, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and the symptoms of menopause (for additional information regarding health and wellness, go to Soy and Health)
Due to the simple controlled processing of the soybeans, the Brix factor (percentage of solubles) of the Soy Wonder milk is high as well as the percentage of retained isoflavones. The soymilk contains no additives or preservatives because it is made fresh in the convenience of your own home.
how to use Soy Wonder
1) Lift the motor unit and place it upside down on a counter
2) Fill the filter housing with pre-soaked soybeans
3) Pour water into the container. Connect the power cord and press the start button.
4) The Soy Wonder stops automatically, and beeps to tell you your cooked soymilk is ready. Enjoy!
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